Embroidery embroidery processing design and manufacturing methods

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Embroidery machine embroidery machine all the patterns and procedures are stored on the computer hard drive, abandoning the quilt embroidery machine workers rely on the pattern design, this design allows people to operate the computer only needs to be completed on the pattern design. At the same time, the computer displays the preset parameters, quilting patterns and working status in Chinese mode. When people operate, they simply press the on-screen menu prompts to select the required working parameters to make the product.

Embroidery Embroidery First embroider embroidery processing is a combination of embroidery and embroidery, and compared to other processing techniques, quilting embroidery processing more cumbersome, you need to hang and embroidery at the same time completed. Because this can maximize the clarity of the pattern, so after quilting embroidery patterns on the fabric lifelike, but the general processing patterns can not achieve this effect. At the same time because the quilted embroidery processing is the overall processing, so the overall fabric is strong, for the fabric integrity is one of the criteria to evaluate the fabric pass, the overall integrity of the fabric is not easy to use in the phenomenon of de-off.