Computer basic parameters quilting embroidery machine settings

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Computerized quilting embroidery machine embroidery machine pattern recognition compensation refers to the realization of the computer quilting machine quilting a pattern, regular pattern acquisition and identification of pattern parameters, based on the pattern parameters identified online correction. Due to the deformation of the fabric, the starting point of the pattern is cheaper, so there is a trade-off between the results of the online calibration.

First, try to keep the shape of the same pattern;

Second, try to keep the pattern of the same position. To try to maintain the same position, it will occur as a result of the quilting point cheaper, quilted patterns deform; to try to keep the shape of the same shape, then in the quilting point offset occurs on the basis of the correction is a quilted pattern The position of the offset. According to the computer quilting embroidery machine network definition of introduction, computer multi-needle quilting machine refers to a can simultaneously use more than one needle to work with a continuous, regular stitch sewing fabric computer quilting machinery and equipment. It is widely used in the production of clothing, bedding and decorative fabrics, especially in the greenhouse insulation quilted and quilted various advanced mattresses, bedding, home decoration and other various patterns. Is a common mattress machinery and equipment, with a quilting speed faster, stitching stitch smooth and beautiful, but also with advanced features such as broken parking.