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With the development of science and technology and the improvement of living standards, great changes have taken place in the production and use of quilted products. Quilting products in the past mainly refers to the quilt, mattresses and other common bedding, has now extended to Simmons, sofa fabrics, handbags, bags, shoes and hats, clothing and other products, from the development of practical products for the craft gifts, from home to clothing. The company is located in:

Quilting with its rich changes to enhance the practicality and beauty of the quilted, creating a comfortable and warm living space for people.

1. Constantly updated quilting process

1.1 primary quilting process

First say what is quilted? According to "Ci Hai" given explanation, quilting is the use of long needle stitched with a textile fabric, so that the cotton inside and other fixed. To the bedding, for example, the bedding generally from the fetal material and the appearance of the two parts of the fabric, the fetal material and a broken tire and scattered fiber points. Fibre was bedding fetal core structure and shape is not fixed, easy to flow shrinkable, uneven thickness. In order to make the outer layer of the bedding fabric and the inner core tightly fixed so that the uniform thickness of the outer layer of the outer textile and the inner core in a side-by-side straight line or decorative pattern sewing (including stitch), this increase in beauty and Practical process, called quilting, after this sewing over the bedding or mattress, called the quilted, quilted mat.

In the past, quilted products were basically finished by hand. Quilted and quilted products were mainly quilted and quilted. The difference between them and the quilts used in ordinary households was the extra quilting process. The use of thousands of households workshop-style processing methods, the disadvantage is the low yield, pattern consistency is poor, the operation is complicated.

15 years ago, mechanical multi-needle quilting machine into China, high yield, consistency is good, but the pattern is simple, less change, can not pour cloth, can not play version, mainly to the composite, the processing of lining and core-based . 1.2 Intermediate quilting process There are still some manufacturers using hand-made and mechanical quilting machines for quilting production. As these two methods have their own shortcomings, it has been gradually replaced by more advanced computer quilting production technology. Compared with the traditional mechanical quilting machine, the computer quilting machine breaks through the function of the semi-coordinate simple pattern. Under the control of precise computer system, the computerized quilting machine can perfectly handle various complex patterns compiled by the whole coordinate system. It is incomparable with the past mechanical machines in production speed, mechanical performance, noise pollution and other indicators .