Sunny Machinery original marketing channels, substantial increase in business strength

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When it comes to marketing, the first reaction in many people's minds is to generalize it into a transactional "how to sell something." In fact, according to the theory of Jose R R. Rao, marketing a broader category, essentially, marketing is to solve a exchange problem (exchange), summed up into four words is: investment is good.

1, the marketing of "Bole"

As one of the medium-sized private enterprises, I plant, branding talent in the link is relatively weak. And quilting machine as a non-life-loss products, the public awareness of the lower, but for a certain understanding of mattresses, bedding processing and manufacturers, the market is relatively narrow.

How to make the needy manufacturers to know the existence of quilting machine in our factory and raise the awareness is the most important promotion business. In this regard, I believe that some professional markets may be more concentrated flow of lots of large outdoor billboards hanging, hold some new product exhibition published on the Internet in a timely manner to publish some relevant information, such as: a number of technical papers, exhibition information, the market Forecast, promotion of advertising. More important is to build their own brand website, try to improve public and industry awareness, to attract interested customers have the need to browse. In addition, some of the larger influential old customers can also be used as a collaborative unit to leverage their own brands to expand their influence when organizing foreign events.

According to the author's research on the concerns of some related industries in recent years, I boldly guess that we can open up a new marketing mode - to establish complementary relations with some supporting enterprises, to sell each other's products to each other and reach a mutually beneficial cooperative relationship (such as the Quartet, Lian soft, Hang Seng, and some material suppliers). Through this cooperation, we can better expand the market influence, enhance brand value, but also can greatly enhance the brand recognition of the industry.

2, the marketing of "different"

Homogenization of the product is a major marketing challenge. How to make customers agree that I plant products is value for money? How to make our products stand out in many choices? I plant the biggest problem facing marketing.

Long road all said: marketing is not to sell "better", not to sell "excellent", but to sell "different."

In the above, the importance of technological innovation product innovation has also been discussed. For product marketing, updating products, reforming products, striving to distance ourselves from other competitors and create different products in the same industry are the same Different products, it is imperative.

At the same time, in addition to product differentiation, but also should include the difference of marketing.

At present, I plant marketing methods and marketing channels are more conservative. All along, no attention to agents and brokers. Rely on direct sales has great limitations, in the current view also can not meet the marketing requirements. Although our office in east China has been stationed in the market share has been the highest, but the next step how to re-layout the entire domestic market is our factory is facing a new topic.

External, agents should try to brokers and other new marketing channels, take the initiative to open the door closed sales. In new markets where there is potential for growth, local agencies often have more sales advantages. The mastery of a large number of market information and customer information, can be targeted attack, but also be more close to the market, timely adjustment of sales policy.

Internally, an efficient business incentive mechanism should be set up to overcome the negative idiosyncrasy of "keeping one's arms for as long as possible" while encouraging employees to get the marketing out of the business. So internally and externally, the systematic planning of marketing, in order to effectively and effectively maintain market share, but also open up new markets, new customer sources, to achieve "the ultimate goal of" all roads lead to marketing. "