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The key technology of the computerized quilting control system is the linkage control technology of the saddle and the roller and the needle row. The computer quilting machine adopts the multi-CPU parallel processing technology to process the data of the quilting machine and transmit the data, greatly improving the traditional and special The mechanical working mode of the frequency converter solves the key technologies of quilting, such as saddle control, roller control and spindle control, etc., and realizes the automation of quilting production process. It has strong fault-tolerant function, disconnected auto-stop function , Overheating protection and other automatic detection and protection measures and system fault self-diagnostic capabilities, in addition to parameter settings, pattern management, and other five major categories of more than 40 kinds of functions to meet the many quilted processing enterprises on a variety of multi-needle shuttle quilting Machine, multi-needle shuttleless quilting machine, multi-needle shuttle quilting machine and single-head shuttle quilting machine to adapt to the new machine and the old machine and the urgent need for quilting.

Quilting machine control system, the overall technical design starting point, better compatibility, anti-interference ability, in accordance with international design practices and computer-specific quilting machine optimization design. Its technical characteristics are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1) In the saddle and roller system control technology, according to the saddle or roller actual load, ball screw and belt drive principle, quilting needle speed and stitch, as well as the needle and platen phase and many other parameters, the rational choice of saddle Rack or roller drive motor, accurate calculation of saddle or roller acceleration and feeding time, optimize the design of saddle or roller drive command control curve to ensure quilting quality and quilting output, improve the overall design of the saddle or roller system control technology, Stepper motor instead of AC servo motor driven saddle, so as to improve the saddle and roller system overall performance index.

2) In the spindle system control technology, according to the actual load of the spindle, the principle of the belt drive, the quilting needle speed and the quilting stitch and other parameters, the spindle motor is selected reasonably to calculate the spindle acceleration, and the spindle speed is optimized Curve, to ensure quilting quality and quilting output, improve the overall design of spindle system development technology, with the inverter with different.

3) In the overall system hardware and structure, according to the system performance and function indicators, optimize the design of the system circuit diagram, careful system industrial industrial design, system performance and job stability design and system security design and other technical measures, strict use of yuan Device control and derating design, a reasonable choice of computer chips and various components and integrated circuit chips, with the best price and highest reliability to achieve the desired functional unit. Take shielding, thermal design and the correct wiring to achieve the industrial environment electromagnetic compatibility.

4) In the system control software, in view of the inherent nature of the software defects and the complexity of the error environment, a series of preventive measures have also been taken in the software design. During the quilting process, various implementing agencies are monitored to eliminate the interference Mistakes caused by other factors, improve the reliability of the system.