Computer quilting sewing machine parameters to achieve computer control

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This is a computer control of the sewing parameters (sewing speed, thread amount, thread tension, etc.) during quilting sewing.

The quilting machine needs computer control of sewing speed parameters during the formation of stitches. Quilting machine movement speed according to the needs of sewing work needs to be constantly adjusted.

Quilting machine in the formation process of the stitch, due to the lock stitch in the bobbin line by the size of the capacity of the size of the impact, to control the amount of bobbin thread margin, to ensure that the last sewing without missing the bottom line and stop sewing, Affect sewing quality. Therefore, the need for quilting machine bobbin thread margin parameters for real-time control, timely alarm, stop the bobbin change. Quilting machine in the process of forming the trace, in order to meet the feeding requirements of different materials, in the differential feed process, the need for different sewing sections have different actual control of the differential feed. As in the suits on the sleeves process, requires that the computer control of different sewing sections for different differential feed sewing process control to ensure the suits on the sleeve process stability. The above are quilting machine in the sewing process of sewing parameters to achieve computer control, parameter control is to improve the quality of sewing an important means.

Quilting machine in the process of quilting materials, pick lines and hook line agencies also gradually realized the computer control, in the equipment is set up 2 drive mechanism, Hanging quilting mechanism, the mechanical part of the pick for a motor drive , Hook line machinery for another drive. After the needle bar body and the thread take-up mechanism form the middle thread ring, it is necessary to ensure that the thread take-up mechanism completes the large thread loop, and the thread take-up mechanism can close the thread quickly when passing through the shuttle and ensure that the thread loop in the thread take-up mechanism smoothly receives the sewing material bottom. The two agencies, respectively, by two different drive motor synchronous and coordinated management.

In the quilting process, the needle threading machine and the hook threading machine realize the computer control, which is an inevitable trend of the current technology development.