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Product Name:Computerized Quilting and Embroidery Machine     model:HY-HX02-128



Purpose:It is widely used for quilting high-quality garments, quilt covers,hand bags,gloves,sleeping bags,pajamas,bed spreads,seat covers,plus material and household ornaments.

Parameter Unit (mm)

Dimension(L W H): 5212 x1308 x1866

Quilting width: 3400

Quantity of needle head:66  pieces

Stitch length: 0.15-12.7mm

Rotating shuttle model: big size

X- axis movement displacement: 408

Speed of main shaft: 800 (RPM)

Power supp ly: 3-phase 380V / 50HZ 3-phase 220V /60HZ

Total power required: 5.5K

Gross weight: 4000kg

Detail Information:

 This kind of the machine can choose any single needle to work independently so that it can change pattern simpler and quicker.

 Needle bar stand is adopted to single needle bar stand based, it can change any single needle bar independently so that it will bring more convenient for maintenance and repair.

 The head of driving needle device is controlled by swinging device without cam driving and no need to maintenance and repair. All parts are servo driving, it is durable, precise and with strong driving.

 It is can sew back without manual sew in Easy to operate, to understand and to train.

Needle stitch is proportionate, smooth and beautiful. Automatic needle-lifting and digital speed adjustment.

Patterns Collection

Computerized Chain Stitch Multi-functional Quilting Machine HY-W-DGN

Computerized Chain Stitch Multi-functional Quilting Machine

Computerized Lock Stitch Multi-needle Quilting Machine

Computerized Lock Stitch Multi-needle Quilting Machine

Installation Layout

Function&Specification Form


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